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Anywhere Glue Sticks (#104045) Tool Tip


2 Pack of Anywhere Glue Stick #104045

 The Anywhere Glue Sticks #104045 comes in packs of 2, is very easy-to-use, affordable adhesive that works great when glueing paper to paper. Anywhere Glue Sticks #104045 work best when you generously coat the backs of both pieces of Card Stock so that you are sticking wet-on-wet surfaces together.

Another great use for Anwhere Glue Sticks #104045 is when decorating chipboard with Designer Series Paper. Use the Anywhere Glue Sticks #104045 to thoroughly cover the back of the Designer Series Paper and the surface of the Chipboard Piece. Apply the paper onto the Chipboard Piece, trim excess paper using Paper Snips #103579 and sand down the edges with a Sanding Blocks #103301.

The glue is in a rectangle-shaped tube, simular to a lip stick tube, as you need more glue you simply turn the knob. DO NOT expose too much glue, because it will collect on the sides and you will only waste it. Always clean the excess glue from around the tip before you replace the cap or it may become permanently stuck.

To prevent your glue from drying, store it in a reclosable plastic bag.

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