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Guess How Many Stamp Sets?


  Addition Stamp Set Added to the Everything Must Go Sale!

I was never good at the game "guess how many Jelly Beans are in the jar", but I certainly wouldn't think that there is exactly 100 Stamp Sets in this photo.

You would say "what does that got to do with me"? Well, that is the number of new Stamp Sets that I have added to the Everything Must Go Sale! that is going on Saturday Oct 23, 2010 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at 6427 Dudley St., Halifax Nova Scotia. You can call Nancy McDonald of Nancy Fancy Stamping at (902) 455-7259 for directions.

You may have thought that I couldn't make it to Thursday Oct 21, 2010 Everything Must Go Sale! and there is probably nothing good left. You would be wrong. In addition to these extra 100 Stamp Sets, I will be adding more retired product as well.

I have a bonus offer that only applies to these 2 days. You will receive 25% of your purchase in Stampin' Bucks. For example if you spent $100.00, you will receive $25.00 in Stampin' Bucks rounded up or down to the nearest $5.00. You can redeem these Stampin' Bucks for Current Stamp Sets, Products or use it towards the price of a Class. Stampin' Bucks expire 1 year from the date that they are earned.

For the Everything Must Go Sale!, I will only be able to except CASH or CHEQUE.

Click here to view more details about the Everything Must Go Sale!