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Nancy Fancy Stamping Has Gift Certificates


Are you having a hard time to come up with that special gift for that crafter in your life? Or are you a crafter that is tired of getting something that you really don’t want?

The Nancy Fancy Stamping Gift Certificates are perfect. They are available in any denominations, don’t expire and can be used to purchase product from any catalogue or any class (online or offline).

Phone me at (902) 455-7259 or Email Me at nancy@nancyfancystamping.com

Nancy Fancy Stamping Wish List Program



It is the last minutes before Christmas and you have everything done, you smile to yourself and now you can relax and enjoy the rest of the Season. So you think so! Then your love one comes and ask you that dreaded question

~ What do you want for Christmas?

Are you tired of getting something for Christmas that you really didn’t want, that wasn’t your colour or that it doesn’t fit?

Are you fed with the fact that you have to tell your love one EXACTLY what you want or purchase it yourself? That is no fun.

You have run out of time and the stores don’t have what you are looking for.

What are you going to do to avoid this nightmare?

You can get rid of this stress.

Hire me as your Personal Elf!

I will send you a Nancy Fancy Stamping Wish List. All you have to do is fill it out, return it back to me by the deadline and sit back and relax knowing that you are going to LOVE everything that you received. They won’t have to read your mind.

On this form you will include all of the Product Numbers, along with the Contact Information of your Secret Santa. I will contact them and discuss what they would like to purchase for you. As soon as I receive the payment in full. I will place the order and hand it over to your love one to put under your Christmas Tree.

Just think, this could be the first year that you actually get what you want.

I will place the last order on Sat Dec 7, 2013.

Email Me at nancy@nancyfancystamping.com



Nancy Fancy Stamping Poll ~ What is your Favorite Stampin’ Up! Color Family?

I wanted to thank everyone who voted in last week's Nancy Fancy Stamping Poll.

Do you send out St Patrick's Day Cards?

Yes 66.7%   No 33.3%

For this week's poll, I have colors on my mind.

What is your Favorite Stampin' Up! Color Family?  

This poll is located on the Lower Left Hand Side of this website.

Scroll down to the bottom and vote now.

This poll expires on Friday Mar 11, 2011.

Follow Nancy Fancy Stamping on Facebook

At th present time I am working to update Nancy Fancy Stamping Facebook Business Page and working harder to share my passion for Rubber Stamping, Card Making and Paper Crafting.

 If you click on the "LIKE" Button and become a FAN of Nancy Fancy Stamping, you will receive exclusive content, such as Special Discounts and Promotions, be up to date on the latest buzz in this wonderful hobby, you will receive the updates on future Products and Promotions that Stampin' Up! has to offer and you may just have a little bit of fun.

You could be missing out on a lot and it all start by you saying that you "LIKE" Nancy Fancy Stamping.

Click here to become a FAN of the Official Nancy Fancy Stamping Facebook Business Page. Just Click on the "LIKE" Button. Let the Fun Begin!

Take the Poll ~ What is your Favorite Sale-A-Bration Product?

  2011 Sale-A-Bration Mini Cataloque

I am always wondering what my customers are thinking about various Stampin' Up! Products, so I have a quick poll for you to complete.

It is only 1 question ~ What is you Favorite Sale-A-Bration Product?

The Poll is located an the Left Hand Side of this Blog. Scroll down to find the Poll. You can choose up to 3 answers.

Now click away and Cast Your Vote.

Voting will close Feb 25, 2011.

Nancy Fancy Stamping Online Ordering

It has been a very long day and you finally got the kids to bed. Now is your time to relax and do a little shopping online. For the busy woman, online shopping save you a lot of time and it is a very secure and convenient way to get your Christmas Shopping done.

Remember that you have to place your order through My Stampin' Up! Website or you will pay more for Shipping and Handling and you won't receive your Hostess Benefits if your order qualifies for them.

Place your order and once your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number that will track your order right to your front door.

1) To order the Stamp Sets and Products that you want, all you have to do is click on the "ONLINE ORDERING" button in the upper right hand corner of this site. This will bring you to My Stampin' Up! Website. Also, you can log onto My Stampin' Up! Website http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/nancymcdonald/
2) Once on My Stampin' Up! Website, click on the "SHOP NOW" button in the upper right hand corner. It is under my name and other information.
3) Click on "CHECKOUT" on the far right hand side.
4) You have 2 options a) Returning Customers or b) New Customers… Don't have an Account… Create an Account. Click on Create an Account.
5) Complete the NEW PROFILE SETUP with the required information.
6) Click on "CONTINUE".

Make sure you write down your Login ID (which is your E-mail Address) and your Password.

The next time you want to order something all you have to do is:
1) click on the "ONLINE ORDERING" button in the upper right hand corner of this site. This will bring you to My Stampin' Up! Website or you can log onto My Stampin' Up! Website http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/nancymcdonald/
2) Click on the "SHOP NOW" button in the upper right hand corner. It is under my name and other information.
3)  Click on "CUSTOMER LOGIN".                                                
4) RETURNING CUSTOMERS enter your Login ID and Password.

If you are searching for something, you can put the Product Number in the Search Box in the upper left hand corner of My Stampin' Up! Website and then click on the arrow.
The Stampin' Up! Website will show all of your matches in the results section. If you click on a photo, it will enlarge and give you all of the information including the price (before Shipping, Handling & Taxes). After you have set up an account, you will be able to "ADD TO BAG" and purchase that item.
Viola, you are on your way to taking home some new gems. It is that simple.



Navigating Nancy Fancy Stamping Website

Q: Why do you have 2 Websites?

A: I started this "Weblog" or what is commonly known as a "Blog", because I wanted to be able to post Samples, Tip of the Week, answer Q & A (like this one) etc. and have more interaction with you, my Valued Customers.

This address of this Blog is http://www.nancyfancystamping.com/

I need a Stampin' Up! Website to receive online orders and to show My Calendar of Events, but that website is limited to what I can customize.

If you are just new to the Nancy Fancy Stamping Blog then there is a couple of things that you should know.

You can comment on a post. A post is the article that I wrote. All you have to do is click on "Comment" in the Post Footer section under what I have written. I look forward to what you have to say and I encourage you to leave your comments there. That way I will know what I am doing right & what I am doing wrong. Remember, you are the sole reason for the Nancy Fancy Stamping Blog. I would ask you you be respectful of others that may comment on one of my post.

Another thing that I would like to bring to your attention is "Categories" that is listed on the right hand side of this the Nancy Fancy Stamping Blog.  Just click on the "Categories" such as Business, Card of the Week, Promotion, etc. Every time that I compose a post, I assign that post to a Category. This makes it easier for you to find something. For instance, if you want to know what post I composed pertaining to "My Services", you could click on the "My Services" Category and all of the post will appear for you to read.  

You can sign up for "My Newsletter" by entering your email in the space provided below Sign up for Nancy Fancy Stamping Email Newsletter and clicking GO. It is just that simple. You could be receiving an Email Newsletter monthly containing exclusive samples of Card and other projects , as well as a coupon that you will not receive anywhere else.

Would you like to be able to go to your News Reader and see what I have posted today on   Blog? That is very simple just click on  Subscribe in a reader

in the left hand side of this blog and you can sign up to read my posts in your News Reader. This will save you time clicking back and forth to this Blog. Then you will have  Nancy Fancy Stamping Blog and all of your other subscriptions all in one place.

Click on the photos of the Catalogues to view all of the Catalogues that Stampin' Up! has to offer.

There are Links to Follow Me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Click on these links to subscribe and to access these sites to see what I am saying.

If you would like to place an order, click on the Online Ordering and you will be taken to My Stampin' Up! Website http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/nancymcdonald/ You would click on the SHOP NOW link in the Upper Right Hand Corner to place an order.

Also, there is a monthly "Archives" listed on the Right Hand Side. If you click on a particular month, you will see all of the posts that I composed for that month.

I look forward to hearing from you about what you would like to see on Nancy Fancy Stamping Blog and stay tuned because I will be making changes in the future, to better serve you based on your feedback.