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Q&A ~ What do I do when I miss part of the stamped image?

Q: I stamped an image and part of the it was missing. What did I do wrong? What do I do?

A: First of all, you have to make sure that the Rubber Stamp is clean of debris and fully inked. Make sure that there isn't any ink where you don't want it. After you ink up the Rubber Stamp, it should be shiny all over the image.

Once it is inked properly, you have to make sure that you stamp it properly. I recommend to stand up when you stamp an image. You can line it up better and apply even pressure. If you are sitting down, you tend to put more pressure on one side of the stamp then the other. This will cause one side to have a darker image, then the other and may cause you to miss parts of the image.

When stamping larger images you have to use your other hand to press all over the entire surface, while holding it with your dominant hand.

If you happen to make a mistake, you can flip the Card Stock over and stamp it again on the other side.

If you stamped the image on the Card Base and you can't flip it over, I suggest to stamp it again and layer it over the mistake.

If all else fails, you can just leave the mistake. It is a Handmade Card and a little mistake is part of its charm. You could be the only one who sees it.  The receiver will be so taken with the fact that you made it, that they may not even notice. Besides it is the thought that counts.

So have fun with Rubber Stamping. That is what it is for and stop fretting that it isn't perfect.