Q & A ~ My Stampin’ Write Markers Have Dried Out. Any Suggestions?


Real Red Stampin' Write Marker #100052

Q: My Stampin' Write Markers aren't as juicy as they once were. Do you have any tips to bring them back?

A: The Stampin' Write Markers are hollow inside and that is were the ink is held. As you use your Stampin' Write Markers, you will use up the ink inside and eventually they won't be as wet when you use them. Use the following Storage Tips to prolong their use.

Storage Tips:
1) If you store your Stampin' Write Markers upright then the other tip doesn't have any ink. If that is the tip that you want to use, there won't be any ink, so it will appear that the Stampin' Write Marker has dried out. I suggest to store your Stampin' Write Markers laying down and not upright. If it has been upright, then lay it down before you use it and give the ink time to redistibute to both tips.
2) Don't store your Stampin' Write Markers in direct sunlight or by a heat source. This will prematurely dry them out.
3) Ensure that both of the caps are on tightly when not in use.

If these Storage Tips don't help, then you can always re-ink your Stampin' Write Markers using a few drops of Classic Stampin' Ink Refill of the same color. Gently pull out the Brush Tip of the Stampin' Write Markers and add a couple of drops of Classic Stampin' Ink Refill. Re-insert the Brush Tip and lay it down to redistribute the ink.

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