2 Ways to Protect Cards When You Mail Them?


Do you want to protect your Embellished and "Bumpy" when you mail them? You have put all this time, money and effort into making a Beautiful Card. You don't want them to get ruined in the mail.


Crimper #101618

Two Ways to Protect them:
1) a) Cut a piece of Card Stock to measure the same size as your Card Front. b) Run it slowly through the Crimper #101618. c) Lay the Crimped piece of Card Stock over the front of your Embellished Card and insert both into an Envelope. This will help to protect your Card.

Padded Envelope #116911

2) Stampin' Up! sells Padded Envelopes #116911 that will protect your Treat Cups Cards ~ Circle Treat Cups #116802 and Heart Treat Cups #120435, Stampin' Sound Card #121009 and an Embellished Card. You will require Extra Postage to mail these Envelopes, but at least your Cards will arrive intact.

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