Merry Christmas to YOU!

It has been a stressful day. You only have a couple of minutes to sit, relax and partake in your favorite pass time. You sit there wondering what to make, but you are drawing a blank. Do I have a Christmas gift for you! ~ The 12 Weeks of Christmas Newsletters.

I am announcing The 12 Weeks of Christmas Newsletters to my emailing list subscribers, FREE of charge. 

Each week, subscribers will receive an email containing a project idea for a Holiday Card, a Gift, a Tag or a Wrapping, along with the steps necessary to assemble it!

It all starts on Wednesday October 6, 2010. Don't miss out!

If you are already receiving Nancy Fancy Stamping Newsletter, then all you have to do is sit back & relax and wait for your weekliy gift to arrive in your Inbox.

If you aren't on my mailing list, you only have 31 hours to subscribe to receive this FREE gift. It is easy to subscribe. All you have to do is enter your email address in the space provided in the Upper Left Hand Corner of the website, where it states "Sign up for Nancy Fancy Stamping Email Newsletter"and click GO. Just follow this simple process and you to will be receiving the 12 Weeks of Christmas Newsletter along with my other subscribers.

Just think, for once you can be ahead of the game and actually be able to enjoy this Holiday Season.

Don't forget to sign up! Feel free to share this offer with your friends. Remeber all they have to do is sign up!


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