Tip of the Week – Inspiration Is Everywhere.

Finding inspiration in unexpected places.

Some lucky people can look at a blank card front or scrapbook page and know exactly what they are going to do. If you are like me it takes a little more effort to find inspiration.

Where can you look to find ideas to make a scrapbook layout fun? You don't know where to look for inspiration, it can seem like a difficult thing to find. All you have to do is look around you. Inspiration is everywhere. Take a look around the room that you are in. What catches your eye and makes you stop and notice it. Do you see an interesting pattern, shapes, or color combination? Why not allow those everyday images and patterns to help you create something to treasure? Now consider how you can take appealing aspects of almost anything and transfer it to your scrapbook page or card front.

Two of the best rooms in the house to start is in the Kitchen and Bathroom. Just think of all the products that contained in those 2 rooms. Companies spend a lot of money on packaging. They spend a lot of time on the details of placement of their product, the color combination and how to use shapes and designs to focus your attention. All of the work is done for you. Where they place a photo of their product, you place a stamped image or a personal photo. If they use a color combination that you like, with all of the colors Stampin' Up! offers, you can use a similar color combination. You can also include shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles or any punched shape. Where they put wording about the product, you can stamp a saying or include a journal entry.

Just because your page is an inspiration, that doesn't means that it has to be an exact match. You can change it by adding elements to create something that reflects your style. This may mean that you add an embellishment or ribbon.

No matter what you do, always experiment and have fun with your projects.

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